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Jan. 3rd, 2007 07:59 am
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As mentioned in my last entry, my car has been trapped by the iced-over parking lot since the last storm. Yesterday, I called the HOA to complain about the lack of snow/ice removal (which all residents pay for every month). They said that (supposedly) one truck came out, broke, and then another truck came out, and broke, and by then it was mostly ice, so they're going to keep coming out every couple of days to clear stuff as it melts. Right. I've seen zero trucks and zero evidence of any attempts at plowing. I asked several of my neighbors. They haven't seen anything either. Also, in theory, the HOA was going to get back to me yesterday sometime and send a maintenance guy over to help me dig out. Unless he was invisible at the time, he never showed.

I was going to call back near the end of the day, but as I was returning from walking Akito, my neighbor was also getting home and loaned me a shovel to dig out. Then I spent close to two hours, racing the sunset and therefore falling temperatures, digging out of a six-inch-thick ice sheet. I did it, and can now extract my car. But damn, I hurt today. Arms, back, legs (to a lesser extent), any muscle remotely skeletal. Oh yeah, and I'm sure it was great for my cold to be outside, doing all that in 30-some-degree weather. Planning to call the HOA back today, after I get into work. I'm thinking that I shouldn't have to make my full HOA dues payment this month. What do you think?
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That's really the best description for my high school reunion. The main event that the most people went to (100+) was the reception at the Denver Athletic Club on Saturday night. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I kept myself open to the possibility of just about anything. And naturally, of all of the things I had anticipated over the past several months, in thoughts and dreams, the reality was a completely different animal I did not predict.

Some of my classmates actually grew up.

Yes, of course we're all ten years older now, but the striking thing was that with the maturity we gained, the social walls that constituted our reality in high school came crashing down. Sure, there was a subset of the popular group who stayed catty and refused to talk to anyone other than their own, but for the most part, the barriers had disappeared. Over the past ten years, people learned how to talk to the opposite sex, and they learned that fame is fleeting and often meaningless.

And now, reunion babbling )

So that was Saturday night in a nutshell. I'll try to write about the Sunday picnic tomorrow or so. Pictures will also be forthcoming once I get the software installed for my nifty new camera. Right now, my jaw aches, my throat is still a little sore, despite a steady stream of cough drops all day, and I require sleep.


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