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Oh man, the past two weeks have been crazed. Thus, this entry is best done in bullet points.

- Went to the TBP National Convention in Dearborn, MI
- Met my 5-month-old baby cousin
- Had lunch with several extended family members I rarely see
- Put close to 3000 miles on my car (the new "modern" rest stops rock! Wi-fi and weather radar in addition to the restrooms and vending machines)
- 53 mpg from Denver to Detroit
- 50 mpg from Detroit to Denver (thank you, headwind in Nebraska)
- Listened to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
- BSed my way through a design review that nobody was ready for
- Got a really good job offer
- Handed in my two-weeks notice at the current job
- Survived all this without losing too much more of my mind, or gaining any weight

As for this, I must say, only in Colorado:

If you're local, go do something outside today. Save the indoor activities for tomorrow.

Edit: As you might guess, I'm way behind on reading the FL. I'll catch up eventually, but in the meantime, if something needs my attention soon, please point it out.
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I have a new little cousin! My cousin's (the rabbi) wife gave birth to their first child on Sunday evening, around 6pm EDT. The baby is a boy, and his name is Caleb.


(Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of when I heard the name was this?)


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