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As you probably know, I wear contact lenses overnight to improve and maintain my vision. It's a treatment called Corneal Refractive Therapy, and it has worked very well for me. The catch, however, is that I have to wear the lenses every night. Some people can get away with only wearing them a few times a week, but the elasticity of my eyes that makes me such a good candidate for this, also means that my eyes revert very quickly if I stop.

Yesterday morning, I woke up, popped out my contacts and started cleaning them, the same way I always do. Suddenly, I looked down and saw my left lens in three pieces. These are specialty lenses, so most places don't carry them. I tried calling the office that I got the lenses from, and a) they are closed until Monday, and b) the doctor who gave me the lenses no longer works there. Special. Then I called my eye doctor's office. He's on vacation until Wednesday, and might want to see me before ordering new lenses, since I haven't been to the eye doctor in almost two years.

Much flailing around later, it was decided that I would take the remaining lens and alternate which eye wears it (the prescription is the same). This means sleeping with a lens in one eye, then switching it to the other eye for half the day when I get up. This also means having different visual acuity coming from each eye for most of the day. So I will likely spend the next week or two with headaches and nausea of varying severity.

If I'm a little cranky, please bear with me. Reading and other eye-straining activities will probably be kept to a minimum.


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