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Massive Spoilers Ahoy! Do not read until you have seen Into Darkness! Also, this is really long. )

Also, I'd like to do another Star Trek: Abridged if I have time and can get the scene order remotely clear in my head. I don't want to have to wait until it's out on video.
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I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness today, and as I said on Twitter, it had absolutely no right to be as good as it was, and JJ Abrams is one magnificent bastard. Overall, this comic sums up my reaction to the movie quite well.

My main problem with the Star Trek reboot movies I think ultimately rests with the trailers. They're done in the same style as all the other testosterone-fueled, big explosions, big fights, partial nudity style of the standard summer blockbuster. And maybe that sells tickets and gets butts in the seats at the theater. But I need to accept that those trailers were not made for me. While I like a big cool explosion and pretty shots of starships as much as the next person, it's the characters and the plot that get me there. Though in this case, the main reason I went to see the movie today was because I didn't want anyone to spoil it for me, and I figure there's at least a small chance of seeing people over the next few months who might inadvertently say something before I could stop them.

The other issue I had with this one was the title. "Into Darkness," seriously?!? I think I had the same reaction upon hearing that title as a good chunk of the HP fandom did when they heard the title "Deathly Hallows." Having seen the movie, I can see how the title works, but I still think they could have done better. In the meantime, I fully expect the next one to be "Star Trek III: The Search for More Money."

So, what have we learned today, kids? We learned that Willow needs to ignore all advertising, including titles and trailers, and just enjoy a quality Star Trek film that knows what the important aspects of the Trek universe are. There's a whole lot more to say, but I don't think I can say it without spoilers, so onto the next post!
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I'm hoping to write two reviews of this movie. Here is the first, which I will keep spoiler-free. The other one will have all spoilers behind a cut.

First off, the movie is nowhere near as bad as the reviews claim. It also isn't the awesome blockbuster it was apparently hyped to be either. The Last Airbender is not the next LotR, but it's still way better than Twilight.

The CG was well done, and most of the effects made sense in the context of the world. Some of the costumes were very good, while others I was less fond of.

There were two major weaknesses of the film: direction and screenwriting. M. Night Shyamalan is just not a good director. He seemed to leave the actors to their own devices most of the time, and it just doesn't work with a cast that is relatively unknown or inexperienced. Also, I hereby revoke his permit to use the slow-motion camera. The movie was too short as it was, no need to make it shorter by stretching out shots unnecessarily. Fight scenes went back and forth between awsome and kind of silly, which is sad because fight choreography was one of the strengths of the animated series.

The screenplay had a lot of problems. Condensing ~10 hours of TV into a feature film is hard. Without getting into detail, I will say that my biggest issue was that it repeatedly broke the rule, "show, don't tell.". However, [livejournal.com profile] j_b said he could follow the story okay without having seen the series.

Overall, I'd give it a B-. Totally rentable, but fine if you're looking for an excuse to go to the theater.

Oh, and the best actor in the film is Aasif Mandvi, who you might recognize from The Daily Show. This comedian can also do drama, and he made the best of some poorly-written, repetative dialog.
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July 2010 release date
M. Night Shyamalan directing
Aasif Mandvi (of Daily Show fame) as Commander Zhao

...And once again, I'm feeling a vague urge to cosplay Katara.
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I don't have a TOS icon, so you have to put up with my amusing TNG one instead. Do not read this unless you've seen the movie.

Captain, spoilers ahead, 147 mark 32. Shields up, red alert! )

I know that was long, but I hope you enjoyed it! There are some scenes left out, but I've only seen the movie once.
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I went with [livejournal.com profile] nalablack and her husband to see Star Trek today. I was more or less prepared to hate it. In fact, my stated expectation level was: please be better than Star Trek V. And as many people know, odd-numbered Star Trek movies have a tendency to suck.

That said, this movie was not bad. I know, I'm surprised too. There was a decent balance of drama and humor, plenty of action (even if it went over the top at times), and the characters were recognizable. They also provided a reasonable explanation for why everything is different from Star Trek canon.

At work, someone tried to organize an "Offsite Seminar on Advanced Spaceflight Operations" on Friday, though that plan fell apart due to an all-hands meeting at the same time. But there is talk of trying again next week, and I think I'll probably go, as this should be a pretty cool movie to see on IMAX.

Spoiler-filled review to follow.


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